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Your monthly membership includes...

Marketing Tools

Gain access to tools to help explain what a comprehensive financial plan provides and why it is so important. Also gain insights into Social Security timing, Medicare Planning and more tools to provide to your client as their trusted advisor.

Unlimited access to CFPs®

Discuss your client situation and financial plan before and after you present the plan and solutions to your client. Reach out anytime to schedule a call or send an email to your virtual financial planning team.

Advisor Dashboard

24/7 Access to your personalized dashboard. Securely submit client plan requests & access client plans anytime through your secure portal.

Tax Planning Comparisons

We provide you tax comparisons for Roth conversion planning, business sales, concentrated stock positions, gifting strategies and more. You present these to your client as their trusted advisor.

Financial Plan Solutions

Your clients look to you for this service but building a plan takes hours of time. We build the plan & recommendations for you to present to your client all at a per-plan fixed price.

Provide Custom Financial Plans to your Clients

Your Client's Financial Plan includes all of these Solutions:

Retirement Planning

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Social Security Planning

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Cash Flow & Tax Planning

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Investment Planning

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Insurance Planning

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Estate & Legacy Planning

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Retirement Planning

Financial independence timeline for retirement with stress-testing how inflation, investment returns and spending impacts your projected retirement plan.

Social Security Planning

Social Security optimization analysis and report, medicare, long-term care and health care cost review.

Cash Flow & Tax Planning

Identify your spending needs in order to maximize your savings, taxes, and debt management.

Investment Planning

Identify an investment strategy that is aligned with your goals and risk tolerance.

Insurance Planning

Review existing policies and evaluate adequate coverage for life, health, disability, long-term care, and liability.

Estate & Legacy Planning

Estate planning: estate tax exposure, for estate needs recommendations (wills, trusts, and family legacy dynamics.)


An AdviceResort membership includes…

Virtual Financial Planning Solution

Your personal dashboard online gives you access 24/7 for financial planning questions and starting a plan for your client.

Custom Financial Plans with Recommendations

Each AdviceResort plan covers six primary areas of financial planning: 1) Tax 2) Insurance 3) Estate 4) Investments 5) Retirement and 6) Education. We use our proprietary approach to develop written financial plans that you present to your client. You, as trusted advisors, present the plan to your client and offer your products and services as a possible plan solution.

Unlimited access to CFPs®

Advice Resort does more than just provide advisors custom financial plans. As a member of Advice Resort planning questions, income tax planning, social security, Medicare and more.

No Software Costs

Advice Resort requires no software. This saves you hours of time per plan. No more data entry or plan construction. Advice Resort builds the plan and recommendations for your


What is virtual financial planning?

It is an online financial planning resource giving you access to a team of virtual planners CFPs®. Our virtual planners work with you directly and answer financial planning questions and build custom Financial Plans upon your request.

Why should I use a virtual financial planning resource?

If you are not offering comprehensive financial planning then you are losing business.
Advice Resort offers advisor-direct virtual financial planning.
This allows you to discuss your clients’ questions with a CFP® and then receive objective answers to all of their planning, retirement, tax, social security and Medicare questions.
Additionally, Advice Resort creates written plans with recommendations for your clients upon your request.

How can I grow my business with virtual financial planning?

4 main points:

  1. First, save time by not having to spend hours with data entry and software.
  2. Second, save money by not having to hire additional planning staff.
  3. Third, become your clients’ primary trusted advisor by providing solutions to their complex financial planning needs.
  4. Fourth, grow revenue by presenting your services and products as potential solutions to the financial plan recommendations.
What financial planning software is required?

No software is required.

Advice Resort uses a proprietary approach to create written Financial Plans that you present to your client.

Why is there a monthly fee for a virtual financial planner?

First, Advice Resort replaces the need for software, saving you thousands of dollars per year.

Second, the monthly fee provides you access to CFPs(r) for financial planning questions, retirement planning, income tax comparisons, social security modeling and much more.

Third, gain access to marketing tools to help gain more clients and increase business revenue.

Why is the cost for a financial plan separate from my monthly fee?

If you want a financial plan created for your client, there is an additional cost for this service as it is separate from the online virtual financial planner access.

How competitive is the pricing of monthly membership and cost per plan?

First, many advisors enjoy virtual access without having to hire their own in-house financial planner which can cost tens of thousands of dollars per year.

Second, financial planning software is not required, which saves you thousands of dollars and many labor hours per user, per year.

Third, our proprietary approach to develop written Financial Plans that you present to your client, we believe this saves thousands of dollars per year.

Does your virtual financial planning sell any products or charge any commissions?

No, we provide objective, unbiased advice to you, the advisor.

We do not sell any products or make any commissions.

Can my client pay for the cost of the financial plan?

The nominal fee for the cost of the plan can be passed on to the client directly. This is between you and the client with how the cost of the plan is handled.

Why would my client want to pay for a financial plan?

In many cases, your client has never had a plan, or their plan was most likely narrowly focused on insurance or investments.

A financial plan done through Advice Resort provides a comprehensive, objective plan including specific recommendations for retirement planning, social security timing, Medicare overview, tax planning and optimization, investment and risk review, insurance risk review and estate planning.

How do I have my client get you their information for a financial plan?

3 simple steps:

  1. First, Advice Resort provides you the necessary forms upfront to gather all the information.
  2. Second, you gather the information directly from your client.
  3. Third, you send the client information to Advice Resort through your secure advisor dashboard.
What happens after I submit all of my client information through the advisor dashboard?

Advice Resort starts building out the plan. If there are additional questions, we reach out to you directly. You then you follow up with your client with any outstanding items needed.

How long does it take to get a completed plan to present to my client?

After we have the proper documentation, a plan can be done and sent back to you in as little as 3 business days.

Can my clients call one of your CFP® planners with questions?

No, this is an advisor-only membership resource. We do not talk or interact with your clients.

What if I have follow-up questions after I present the plan to my client?

As your virtual financial planning partner, you have access to our CFPs® anytime and we can answer your questions before or after your client meetings.

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